Friday, May 20, 2011

About us...

Indent apps is my little app project. My main goal with is to create applications that deliver not only on the technical side, but presentation-wise as well.
Design was always extremely important to me. I've been using Photoshop ever since I was 10 years old, and have been utilizing it for almost anything I do.
I think first impression can do wonders. I find myself quite often browsing the android market looking for a specific app, and determining which app to use almost only depending on how good they look, even more than how well they work.

Starting my first app, Back My Tones, I found it quite hard wrapping my mind around how i want it to look and how i want the user experience to be like. So first thing i did, was design the logo.
After coming up with the logo, I gradually started to get an idea of what I want to create.
Soon after that I began building up the app one page at a time, following the design flow I set with the logo.
5 days later, my app was finished and ready for download on the market.

While design is important, it is worthless without enough features to support it. I invest a lot of time thinking of features that would save time and effort for the user and give him everything he needs within the app.

I'm currently working on a much larger scale project which, I think, a LOT of people are looking for...

Friday, May 13, 2011

Back My Tones - Saves you headaches (and ringtones)

Back My Tones
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Did you ever update your ROM or made a hard reset, but then realized all of your custom contact ringtone settings were lost? Well not anymore!
Back My Tones offers a comprehensive and easy to use tool to create and manage backups of your custom ringtone settings and restore them with a click of a button!
The process is easy and takes no more than a few seconds to backup your settings and save you serious headaches.

Our first app ever, was a lot of fun to make.
It all went pretty well most of the time, given the amazing documentation @Android Developer and Googling of course... lots of googling...
I was pretty surprised seeing it featured on XDA-Developers yesterday, pretty good start!